Art School Applicaitons

Deciding to study art in college is an important step in the development of an artist. There are several things to consider when deciding where to study visual art.

What I do as an a portfolio coach and college counselor is assist artists prepare the best portfolio possible to meet application requirements and assist through the often challenging maze of college selection.

An important aspect for admissions for Arts Schools is the portfolio.  A portfolio is an ideal place for students to start if they have every thought about careers in:

graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, film, television, design,  video game design, architecture, drawing, painting,  and more...

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I help students answer these questions, find colleges that meet their needs and interests and prepare portfolios to gain admission to college programs which suit their needs and learning styles:

1) What type of art do you wish to study? 

There are four main categories of artistic study, each offering several choices:

  • Fine Arts- drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, glass, ceramics, performance art/new genres

  • Design - graphic design, industrial design, apparel or fashion design, illustration, commercial photography, or textile design/fibers 

  • Moving Image - film/video, animation, motion graphics/interactive design, game design

  • Architecture - architecture, interior design/architecture, landscape architecture

2) Are you prepared to create a portfolio?

3) Which type of college best fits your artistic and academic needs?

  • College of Art

  • Liberal Arts College

 •  University

4) What type of degree do you wish to pursue? 

5) What do you want to do professionally when you complete college?

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Initial meeting

Initial client meetings are scheduled with new students to meet them and their parent(s), learn of their needs, answer questions, discuss how I may assist and see if we are a good match.

My initial meetings are what I call a "college checkup" - seeing where students are in their college path and providing concrete advice on where to go next. I follow up with students by emailing customized advice describing their next steps to college, listed in order of priority. 

Most importantly, the meeting cost includes a list of things to do from now to college, customized for you and listed in order of priority. I call this your "roadmap to college". This to-do list usually ranges between 4 to 6 pages in length and spells out my recommendations. Each step is described and students and parents have a road map to use in their college planning. 

Additional Meetings

In future meetings, we will follow up on the progress of your portfolio creation and ensure that you are doing what is needed to get you into an art school that suits your needs.


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Internship and volunteer opportunities

In the modern work environment 80% of jobs are found through personal connections, this number is higher in the entertainment and design industry, where internships and volunteer work are key paths to a career. 

I will help you on your path to develop yourself and your cultural understanding, helping you land the ideal internship to get you into your field of choice.

Through working with our partner organizations, we are your best bet at landing a great internship.

Possibilities for internship and volunteer work include in industries as varied as: film, architecutre, design, sound recording, and more.