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We help you answer a number of questions and help you act on them.


College Bound? What's Your Dream?

Engineering? Music? Design? Athletics? Art? Medicine? Business? Film?

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Education consulting

If you're a college bound student (or the parent of one), you're navigating a critical time in your life, and you're faced with important college admission questions. It helps to have a trusted advisor to guide you through the process.

College Admissions Testing: 

Should I take the SAT, ACT or both? What about the Subject Tests? Where do I go for test prep?

Staying Organized and on Schedule: 

With so many tests to take, applications to fill out and financial aid forms, how will we keep track of all of the deadlines?

College application

What can I do to make my application stand out from all the others? What is the best topic for my essay?

College list

How can I reduce 3,000 colleges and universities to a short list of appropriate schools for me?

Help with Paying for College: 

How do we find scholarships? How will we fill out all of the financial aid forms?